2019-04-13 cca 16:00 S.M.A.R.T. for Carla.
2019-04-13 18:00 I Hope that for this time was Israel radars assigned to moon because now is ending a comunication neadless comunication. Thank you for colabaration agains Zéman passages. So it has another function now. Wish the music without the disturbion to her...
2019-04-14 13:13 Do you know what is Al Kajdá means in czech?: Al Shits Out! You hunters!
2019-04-14 13:32 Problem solved by brave little american girl. - How she said: ... and Al cannot get you!
2019-04-14 14:27 My ghost in do (who playing me for people) make a misstake - Mikulin is created. If you thinking that you can do something bad to Microsoft - lets think about next Ransomware! (It is mobile-net-main-girl deth!) (Hacks are finding people - not people finding hacks. - Don't forget!)
2019-04-14 19:00 I sais to myself: what does it do - my Good Automatic Inside Solver. Now I know the true: One man from secret non-state organization, who was gavered by my ghost-in-do, changed his mind because many many bad things with strange tendences hapend to her and goes destroy something in Israel racket to moon. He came to me after killed himself in astral and said to me about it, and I ask him, ofcourse, if he can leaved there controler to music on little binder and did not know about it. Thanks to all interested girls and S.T - beleave or not - modul is on the moon and does something else that Zéman wants. - Hack from change-mind man hacked. Thats result.
2019-04-17 cca 19:30 Companion Of Usurpers agains P2P comunication was taken.
2019-04-18 1:56 Companion Of Usurpers agains P2P comunication on this.
2019-04-21 18:22 One of old Icelandic word sounds that if case that you are really sacrifice in fight, he may go to ValLhala (that's mean ValLies in czech) - was, is and will be sponsored by Kung-Fu (more down) (... and it is a misstake think about that fight is for man only, gentlemans.).
2019-04-21 20:55 I am connected! Meanwhile - the ValLhala - nobody live seen the shark yet SHARP. Val lies to Vikings every day.
2019-04-28 cca 20:00 We win tomorrow from Andrew. Meanwhile shilly-shally with Turkey football!
2019-04-30 12:15 Jakeš vs Andrew: 1 - 0.
2019-04-30 13:05 Jakeš vs Andrew: 2 - 0.
2019-05-06 16:12 Jakeš lose under the faul of komunism.
2019-05-30 22:20 to 2019-05-31 1:55 Project India's Net Gift (or ING) for she.
2019-06-13 10:38 Project India's Net Gift (or ING) from me ends.
2019-06-22 cca 12:00 Am.Time Today strats Project Prague On the Moon - Save Our Planet. Eggs of Zéman's & etc's clones will be delivered and born on the Moon to compensation. Situation is in hands of SWORD team. Good bless them - our bright past.
2019-12-18 18:06 PF 2020. Good bless them - dark past.
2020-03-03 15:49 Today was start control of planet Earth by 10 ladies of Netera from HQ at the Moon.
2020-03-18 00:19 Answer to U.S.: 2*E-2/c^2=m'. We are here through Floyd's II. grade and Mamon's I. time. K25-8-319-412-418
2020-03-20 20:00 Good work everybody! Mashal's plan agains Zéman's country is done. Suspected C:du is in contentment.
2020-04-09 17:22 In the time of pandemia Corona virus, our disidency find out that Atreides from USA desert wanted to attack Europe to time,¨ by a modern war, and we, Europe, just changed records of buildings, bridges and etc. G.A.I.S. saved everything else. Have a nice day and beleave...
2020-04-28 16:32 Genius, it's you, Mr. Professor, we are G.A.I.S. ( in telefon ;o) ).
2021-08-13 00:06 Today was start project OpenG (all mobile nets together in 5G) in hole WORLD. Even don't They want!
2021-09-25 16:09 GMT+2 Today was born new OpenC, what means Open Goverment Control, to theese days accessable for burgeouists only (computer is problemm - isn't it?). That's way I serving to you, G.A.I.S. people, not to b. Download and pay BullGuard(1-2-3) or Panda(3) like an Internet Security and for nice work between mobile and PC try AirDroid(army3).
2022-11-23 17:00 GMT+1 As the wind from the mountains blows, here is our corps - a corps of Hackers - that has to be fought and protected at the same time. It is not only about collecting rewards every time a new antivirus, Internet Security, FireWall or VPN does well. What it is about is to take down the opinion of our doubters that a Hacker is something bad. The word Hacker, in my opinion, means someone who created a hack - who owns a hack! The guys who mess around on the internet with just a implemented hack i.e. a small program, can’t be considered Hackers - they are just guys who are familiar with the problem... (Advertisment:
Translastion by MPS Ltd. Prague CZ
2023-01-14 13:42 GMT+1

... like Sun creation right in 13:48 GMT+1 by Deth Star what was gets from statue of Saruman or Christ (as you like it) in Rio de Jainero to right position in Space and make a hole creation to AD1948 right from this time. Young girls born after AD2013 are cellebrating this moment as a Big Bang like commen. of Original Sin and electro-magnetical signal (TV & satelites & mobiles).
2023-02-06 12:07 GMT+1 We can cellebrate start of children of Xcore, which was re-rotated from bastards' hacks or easy-step hacks. Tamil Tiger
2023-02-21 16:48 GMT+1 Now was deleted Photo Synaptic Failure (PSF), what was prepared, beliave or not, to deleted of all computers all around the World. Shame you, TV, what was borow connection from monitor. You know, loaners. ;o)
This was showend on 2022-09-16 10:30 GMT+2. Don't use backwards-note - everything is happend that still!
2023-04-14 18:17 GMT+2 To changing what hackers viewing on your harddisks, please, write down on to invoke, girls to 12 years to invoke you in Xcore. This e-mails does not exist but you take it!
2023-07-28 18:26 GMT+2 In Czech: Mnoho zdraví, štěstí, lásky přejou vám dva pásky! Manata and SaTaN
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